Your gift gives physical, occupational and speech therapy on a playground - the most natural setting for a child to do the "work of play."

You can be confident a gift to the Children’s – Woodwinds therapeutic playground project will benefit kids receiving physical, occupational, and speech therapy. As the mother of a son who receives all three services three times each week, you have my word.

The "work of play" is a child's job and many of those "work hours" should be logged outside - on a playground. Your gift will bless thousands of children and their families in countless ways for many years to come as they heal, grow and learn in a natural setting.

Let me tell you the story of our son, so you can understand why this therapeutic playground is so important to me and many families like mine:

During his first 3 years of life, our son, Nathan, experienced countless appointments with specialists of every kind before being diagnosed with Multiminicore Disease. Multiminicore is a rare genetic muscle condition in which his muscle cells will only perform at a small percentage of normal function.

Due to consistent physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy three times each week at Children’s - Woodwinds, Nathan has greatly improved his quality of life. He is able to communicate and perform daily tasks, his movement has improved greatly and his risk of falls have decreased.

With your help, Nathan's therapy and therapy for countless other kids who have special needs like his will be further improved.

As the mom of a child who receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy, I can say with confidence, that a playground like this will benefit children receiving therapy in any of the three disciplines:

  • Climbing the steps to a slide develops quadriceps strength (PT) and balance requiring use of the core (PT).
  • Gripping the railing also develops hand strength (OT) and sliding down the slide stimulates the vestibular system (OT).
  • Learning positional words like "up," "down," "around," or even practicing sounds like "wheeeee," during play makes speech therapy much more fun and interesting, and in my opinion, more effective.

Will you please join me in making it possible for this "Children's" playground to be built? Thank you for considering this opportunity. Your gift will bless Nathan, and in turn our family, and many other children and their families in countless ways for many years to come.

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