Wolf Ridge gets young people outside and inspires wonder and awe in the natural world. There is no substitute for the real thing!

In the words of Richard Louv, "Passion is what ultimately motivates change. Passion does not arrive on videotape or CD. Rather, it is lifted from the earth itself by the muddy hands of the young; it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart.”

Wolf Ridge creates a passion for the natural world in the 13,000 young people that come to our 2000 acre campus during the school year. Students are immersed in a dynamic hands-on outdoor learning situation where they learn about climate change, sustainable practices, environmental science, and conservation. They are awed by all they touch and see in the natural world that surrounds them.

The Wolf Ridge campus sits atop a high ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior and includes forests, inland lakes, and streams. Its wide variety of habitat creates a spectacular outdoor learning environment.

Students go into the woods, the fields and the streams. They learn to value and respect all that they see and explore meaningful ways to take this back into the environments they inhabit every day.

For some urban students, this is their first experience in the woods. For others, Wolf Ridge opens their eyes to the natural world in new ways, but for all, we model and teach values, behaviors, and technologies that lead to sustainable lifestyles.

We give young people the opportunity to develop into the kind of wise and informed decision makers that will understand the importance of protecting the natural world. They will be our voice in the future. Thank you for helping us build a passion for the natural world in our students…a passion that will motivate change.

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