Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity uses "compassionate construction" projects to connect members of our community who could use a hand maintaining their homes with volunteers willing to spend a day learning new skills or sharing their talents.

The dollars we spend to build and repair safe, decent homes don't come from Habitat for Humanity International; Jimmy Carter doesn't send us a check each month. In fact, we tithe 10% of unrestricted donations to Habitat's global efforts. Since 1990 we've helped 37 families all over the world begin a better life by building a safe home.

Our funding doesn't come from Washington, St. Paul or Madison. We don't rely on tax dollars to build hope. Occasionally, the homeowners themselves will leverage first-time home buyer grants for down payment assistance but WLSHFH doesn't accept government funds for construction. This leaves us free to help folks in the most efficient way, leveraging donated materials and volunteer labor to complete projects safely and professionally without the red tape and restrictions that come with government funding. We pay fees and pull permits just like any other builder but are free to use volunteers to complete projects that very low-income homeowners couldn't afford any other way.

We offer a direct connect: your dollar delivered to a neighbor in need in the form of an access ramp, insulation, or a new roof. Our administrative costs are covered by monthly mortgage payments from local Habitat homeowners. So the dollars donated by you, your church, business, service group and community foundations purchase the tools, building materials, and expertise needed to help our neighbors build, repair, and maintain affordable housing.

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