The West Side Community Organization (WSCO) is an action oriented, neighborhood-based organization empowering our residents to participate i

West Side Community Organization works with the 15,000+ residents and stakeholders on St. Paul’s West Side to increase the civic participation of residents by initiating organizing campaigns, providing leadership development opportunities for youth and adults and by educating and building the power base of residents to tackle civic issues. WSCO also acts as a vehicle to inform and shape issues concerning the “built” environment through community economic development planning, organizing resources to clean up urban blight and advocating for equitable development. Finally, the organization works to promote a healthy natural and social environment by addressing food security issues, promoting urban agriculture, recycling and responsible energy use.

Please make a donation of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more in support of WSCO. In the last year, your gifts helped us:

  • Begin work on our 10 year comprehensive plan for the neighborhood.
  • Work with Ce Tempoxcalli and others to hosts the 2013 Mother Earth Fest which reached over 1000 people.
  • Organize the FIRST ever Art on the Avenue which showcased local artists and musicians.
  • Secure funds to conduct mass transit organizing for Robert Street in order to position the West Side for improved access to transportation options.
  • Work with Growing West Side to build up the West Side Farmer's Market
  • Positioned our Parks for crucial CIB funding to help the Gilber de la O field, and Parque deCastillo
  • Support urban agriculture efforts to help start and support community gardens.
  • Organize the Annual West Side Clean Up, which took over 20 tons of garbage and debris out of the community.
  • Begin our work to increase access to healthy, culturally appropriate food for all community members in our neighborhood.
  • And so much more!

Thank You for your support!

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