We facilitate Sunshine Circles and Tree of Life groups that promote healthy adjustment for at-risk students in Minneapolis Public Schools.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Minneapolis children and teens.

Half of people who experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime will do so by age 14 (three quarters by age 21!). As a community mental health organization, we focus our efforts across the age spectrum.

Sunshine Circles® and Tree of Life groups

Sunshine Circles®, developed by the Theraplay Institute, are interactive play groups that enhance social, emotional, and cognitive development. With simple rules and fun, participatory activities, these groups teach healthy values, cooperation, and social skills, all of which promote classroom participation and learning.

Tree of Life groups have been used with children and adults who have experienced ard times across the world to support them in identifying their roots, their strengths and resources, and their hopes for the future. Based on a narrative therapy approach, these groups allow participants to talk about their lives in ways that are not retraumatizing, and in fact strengthen their connections to culture and support networks.

Watercourse Counseling Center would like to expand these groups throughout our program, and we need your help to fund them.

About Watercourse Counseling Center

Watercourse Counseling Center was formed as The Mental Health Collective in 1999 to improve the emotional health of our diverse community. Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and culturally appropriate mental health services in community locations; to solve problems through community partnership; and to mentor mental health professionals and others in community outreach and collaboration.

Watercourse Counseling Islands in the Schools

In order to make services accessible to children and families in the community, we partner with Minneapolis Public Schools to operate mental health clinics at five locations.

Our services are designed to support and enhance education outcomes for students at risk. 80% of students who participate in school-based mental health services either stabilize or reduce their suspension rates, greatly increasing their chances of being successful in school.

Our Community Clinics: North and South

Our community clinics in North and South Minneapolis provide individual, family, couples, and group counseling. In keeping with our values, we offer a range of options for paying for services, including a sliding fee scale.

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