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    $250 raised
    so far

    Julie & Craig's Wedding Registry--Animal Humane Society

    Please donate to one of our favorites, or something close to your heart!

    Julie Oswald A fundraiser by Julie Oswald for Animal Humane Society


    • 1 donation
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    $6,955 raised
    so far

    Helping animals in need

    Your donation would be used for examinations, vaccinations, medical treatments, spaying/neutering and public education.

    Suzanne Klein A fundraiser by Suzanne Klein for Animal Humane Society


    • 32 donations
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    $545 raised
    so far

    In loving memory of Stewie

    Farewell Stewie

    Jon Cass A fundraiser by Jon Cass for Animal Humane Society


    • 7 donations
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    $2,750 raised
    so far

    Help Animals for Hops and Smokey

    When Hops passed away I vowed to raise at least $10,000 for the Animal Humane Society in his honor, and that is what I am doing.

    Michael Campbell A fundraiser by Michael Campbell for Animal Humane Society


    • 27 donations
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    $340 raised
    so far

    Elizabeth's 9th Birthday

    For her 9th birthday, Elizabeth wants to help the animals in the Humane Society find a home!

    Beth Ocar A fundraiser by Beth Ocar for Animal Humane Society


    • 13 donations
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    Video Contest - "Hart" Bodies

    Vote for this video at so AHS can continue doing its good work.

    Michael Sapiro A fundraiser by Michael Sapiro for Animal Humane Society

  7. Size_120x120_alloftherez

    ZEROREZ Fall Festival

    The ZEROREZ Volunteer Committee is dedicated to lifting spirits through community outreach and volunteerism.

    Amanda Hicks A fundraiser by Amanda Hicks for Animal Humane Society

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    $50 raised
    so far

    Video Contest - The Real Housecats of Animal Humane Society

    By supporting Animal Humane Society you will help thousands of animals in need to find the happy homes they deserve!

    Brie Geurink A fundraiser by Brie Geurink for Animal Humane Society


    • 1 donation
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    $215 raised
    so far

    Max's 8th Birthday

    Max would love for animals to have a home, so he'd like donations to the Humane Society for his birthday!

    Amy Sinykin A fundraiser by Amy Sinykin for Animal Humane Society


    • 11 donations
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    Melanie DeDon's Holiday Wish

    This holiday season, instead of buying me a present, consider donating to charity. We'll make the world a little better for the new year.

    Melanie DeDon A fundraiser by Melanie DeDon for Animal Humane Society