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The TCH Foundation supports healthcare scholarships, health educational programming, and community health education and technology grants.

A Tri-County Hospital Foundation donation contributes to the chain of survival. * Jan. 12: Cedric (Ced) Steinkraus works his last day at Lund Boats. * Jan. 13: Ced falls to the floor. Cardiac arrest. No heartbeat. No breath. Clinically dead. * Jan. 15: Ced wakes at the St. Cloud hospital with an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) in his chest. * Jan. 16: Ced, 66, is home. Retirement is on again. Ced’s experience is a perfect example of how the Tri-County Hospital (TCH) Foundation can contribute to the overall well-being of the people in the communities we serve. Someone called 911, people on the scene had CPR training by TCH, an Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED) was available - an AED that, fortunately for Ced, was donated to the community center by the TCH Foundation in 2008. Furthermore, a TCH advanced life support ambulance arrived in a timely manner to take the patient to the TCH emergency department, one of the first hospitals in Minnesota to receive trauma designation by the state. Ced was quickly flown to a facility with cardiac specialists to provide care in less than 12 hours. Each piece bought Ced extra time for a lifesaving outcome. __________________________________________________________________ Since starting its granting program in 1997, the TCH Foundation has granted $105,000 to over fifty non-profit organizations in thirteen communities and three counties. Funds have not only purchased AED’s, but also other life-saving technology as well as contributed to health and wellness programs and education. __________________________________________________________________ The TCH Foundation also provides fourteen scholarships on an annual basis totaling $85,000. Six $1,000 scholarships are available to area high school students pursuing a health-related career field, one $2,500 scholarship is available for 3rd or 4th year BSN students, one $1,000 scholarship is available for a student in an advanced degree program, two $500 scholarships are available for radiology technology students and four $500 scholarships are available for Minnesota State Community & Technical College – Wadena Capus students in the registered nurse, license practical nurse, and medical administrative assistant programs. An additional nursing scholarship is under development. __________________________________________________________________ Annually, the Foundation also provides funds for free educational programming. Over $110,000 has been given to fund these programs, including Women’s Night Out and Men’s Night Out events. Programming such as these provides health screenings and education to assist in improving the health of the communities served by Tri-County Hospital. __________________________________________________________________ The TCH Foundation is a private charity established in 1994 to attract and administer charitable funds for the benefits of the communities and service area of Tri-County Hospital. It began as an idea that developed within the hospital Governing Board after the receipt of bequests and gifts from patients and their families. While specific dollars had been contributed in the past for selected programs or equipment, the Board decided that establishing the Foundation would encourage these gifts and bequests in the future. The Foundation will fund activities that improve health, promote healthcare and enhance education through grants and scholarships to individuals as well as organizations. The Foundation Board believes the entire service area will benefit either directly or indirectly through a strengthened healthcare delivery system. The mission of the TCH Foundation is to gather charitable gifts on behalf of Tri-County Hospital. It accomplishes this by: • Encouraging estate plan commitments, fund raising efforts and philanthropic support. • Promoting education through voluntary grants and scholarships to organizations and individuals within the service area of TCH. • Supporting such other activities within the philosophy and mission of TCH.

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