“Of Sadness and Hope: Images from the Northside Tornado” is a youth-produced photography exhibit.

“Of Sadness and Hope: Images from the Northside Tornado” is a youth-produced photography exhibit aimed at raising awareness and money to support those still affected by the lingering devastation after a tornado swept through the North Minneapolis community on May 22, 2011. During the course of this project, the youth participants (many of whom live in North Minneapolis and were directly affected by the disaster) used photography to learn about and understand the effects of the tornado. They visited the gallery of world famous photographer Wing Young Huie[1] where they learned to consider the power of an image to demonstrate an identity, experience or story. In this exhibit, you will see stories of the Northside and the damages caused not only by mother nature, but also by inattention to inequity.

Upper elementary and middle school students from Nellie Stone Johnson and Jefferson Schools came together to learn about the tornado, its residual damage, and the social justice implications of both. The natural disaster resulted in the death of one individual, the injury of thirty and the displacement of nearly 200 residents.[2] While over one million state dollars have been allocated toward tornado relief, nearly 500 homes remained unrepaired by the end of October 2011.[3] As low-income families ineligible for state loans continue to live in damaged houses, lasting destruction reminds us of the price of inequity. This gallery is inspired by the untold stories of tornado victims and seeks to capture the prolonged devastation from the tornado as well as the hope that can arise from community rebuilding and revitalization.

This gallery is a collaborative effort between youth participants of local nonprofits EDIT and Bolder Options.

[1] The Third Place. Photography Gallery 3730 Chicago Ave So. Studio B. Minneapolis, MN 55407

[2] http://www.citypages.com/2011-11-23/news/north-minneapolis-tornado-victims-have-been-forgotten/

[3] http://www.startribune.com/local/minneapolis/132361253.html

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