The Musical Offering presents the world's greatest chamber music performed by the best musicians in the Twin Cities.

Welcome to The Musical Offering, a group of passionate professional musicians from around the Twin Cities who perform the world's best chamber music.

Your contribution and support helps us share the experience of remarkable chamber music, and is especially meaningful right now, as the Minnesota Orchestra lock out their world-class musicians. Our musicians, all of whom either currently play or at one time have played with the orchestra, believe that people in the Twin Cities should have great music. The Musical Offering provides just that, performing duets to nonets, and every great chamber piece in between!

Our musicians are passionate about the music they make with this ensemble. These musicians come from professional backgrounds: they teach at institutions like the University of Minnesota School of Music and Hamline University, they currently perform with groups like the Minnesota Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra, and they've been taught at schools like Julliard and the Curtis Institute. What separates the Musical Offering from their other performing groups is that here, our musicians to explore and present music they love. The music is special not only because of the composer who wrote it or the beauty of the work, but because the musicians have the freedom to love work they create.

That's what sets us apart: not only can The Musical Offering perform a wide array of great chamber music, but our musicians love what they're playing.

The Musical Offering believes in equitable and fair pay for quality musicians, which is why we strongly support the locked out musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra. Unlike a larger group, we are not bogged down by heavy administrative and performance venue costs, meaning that proportionally more of your dollars go directly to supporting the art and artists. Our sustainable model relies on your contributions, and we thank you for it. You have the assurance that your dollar is working harder to create incredible musical experiences unique to the Twin Cities.

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