Building positive & encouraging relationships with young people in order to help them as they move forward in their lives and development.

The Encounter receives over 20,000 visits from young people each year, and its programs attract a group from very diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. This 30,000 sq. foot facility houses an indoor skatepark, two music venues, a gymnasium & auditorium, as well as a dance studio and other meeting spaces.

The Encounter seeks to build positive and encouraging relationships with young people. Every program at the Encounter is designed to allow students to connect with a caring staff member or volunteer. In the context of these relationships, the adult seeks to walk alongside the young person through any challenges or choices they may be facing in their lives.

The Encounter is operated by Head of the Lakes Youth for Christ, a faith-based non profit organization. As such, interested students are given voluntary opportunities to learn more about the Christian faith and encouraged to honor God with their choices. The Encounter welcomes all students to participate in weekly programming, as well as special events, camps, etc. regardless of their religious affiliation. The goal is to provide an environment that fosters positive choices, encouragement, and personal growth.

You can view a video about one young man whose life was changed by his invovlement at the Encounter. Visit

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