Raising funds for Habitat for Humanity. I ride my bike and you make a contribution. Together we help build a family a home.

This is always the hardest part. Asking you to donated to something you may or may not see. I do, however, get to see what your donations build. Every year I do the ride we have ridden to the house that your donations help build. You see, when I ask you for a donation it's marked to go to the "bike.home" project for Habitat for Humanity. to me it's a very tactile donation. You do not just donate the money and it goes to some cause. If you wanted you could drive to the "open house" ceremony every year that we help build that "bike.home." You could walk through the house and meet the family who will be living in the house you helped build with a financial contribution. On the Habitat for Humanity 500 mile Bike Ride (HFH500). I get to preview that house.

Please make a donation to Habitat for Humanity on my behalf. This year I'll post pictures of the house so you can see it too!

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