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    $335 raised
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    Team Winston

    Help me set a personal goal of $5,000 in honor of RSR, the animal rescue organization that I love, breath, & live.

    Shayla Lomenda A fundraiser by Shayla Lomenda for RUFF START RESCUE INC


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  2. Size_120x120_kooopa%20headshot

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    Team Koopa

    Jeni Zortman A fundraiser by Jeni Zortman for RUFF START RESCUE INC


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    Team Charlie!

    Keep nonprofit rescues going strong! Keep Sheltered animals from being euthanized. Donate or help raise funds today!...

    Kathryn Hauser A fundraiser by Kathryn Hauser for RUFF START RESCUE INC


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  4. Size_120x120_trace%202

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    Show Me Your Pitties!!

    Help Ruff Start Rescue continue to help all animals in need - even those oh soooo scary bully breeds!

    Emily Randolph A fundraiser by Emily Randolph for RUFF START RESCUE INC


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  5. Size_120x120_img95000101

    6 Labs and a Hound

    My main goal is just to raise as much money as I can to help save as many Fur Babies as I can!

    Kimberly Kolden A fundraiser by Kimberly Kolden for RUFF START RESCUE INC

  6. Size_120x120_story_video

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    Team Emma and Taz

    Raising money for Ruff Start Rescue for participating in the No-Kill walk!

    Azure Davis A fundraiser by Azure Davis for RUFF START RESCUE INC


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  7. Size_120x120_georgia

    $100 raised
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    Team Georgia

    Alesha Goetzke A fundraiser by Alesha Goetzke for RUFF START RESCUE INC


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  8. Size_120x120_save%20the%20animal%20kisses

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    Save The Animal Kisses

    My mom, myself and our rescue's are walking to create awareness and raise funds for no kill rescues in Minnesota.

    Arianna & Angie Untereker A fundraiser by Arianna & Angie Untereker for RUFF START RESCUE INC


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