I began my journey by fostering a dog that I saw posted on the Ruff Start Rescue Facebook page, who was on a transport coming up from Missouri and urgently needed a foster. I decided to open my home to her, and her name was "Angel"...Well "Angel" ended up being the sweetest, most amazing dog ever! A few months down the road, I decided to adopt her, and I gave her a new name "Georgia". She is amazing and if it weren't for Ruff Start Rescue I would have never rescued her, who in return rescued me! :)...We are walking for other homeless animals, in hopes to raise money for them to find homes and have more happy endings like mine! Ruff Start Rescue is a great cause and we want to raise as much as we can to help this non-profit rescue :)

A little more about Ruff Start Rescue

Who We Are & How We Do It

We are a small, but mighty, Non Profit 501c3 Rescue. We are a No-Kill dog and cat rescue organization in Central Minnesota. Our rescue is composed solely of volunteers who love animals. We rescue stray, neglected, abandoned, and surrendered dogs and cats and work very hard to place them in new loving homes.

This group is comprised ENTIRELY of volunteers who work full-time doing something that pays the mortgage. We do the rescue stuff (which is our true passion) after work and on the weekends. So if your phone calls or emails are not answered by a live person right away, it’s probably because we are at work and will call you as soon as we can!

By Choice

We do not have a shelter. We are of the belief that a home environment is far more desirable than a shelter or kennel. So, we rely exclusively on homes like yours in which to place our pets until they find their forever home!

We work exclusively with a foster-care program where our pet lives with you, and we pay for or provide everything. A home environment is always the most desirable and with the endless supply of animals needing homes, we just never have enough lined up. Sometimes the foster lasts a week, sometimes several months. A dog or cat will do far better adjusting when they are sitting by your chair or next to you while you are on the computer than stashed in a noisy kennel somewhere surrounded by sick and barking dogs.

Our Mission Statement:

Ruff Start Rescue, is dedicated to saving all animals whose lives are at risk. Located in Princeton, MN; we are determined to educate the community about the importance of animal rescue and safety. We rescue animals from high kill facilities, rehabilitate the sick, love the unsocialized pets and maintain a 100% spay/neuter program. Ruff Start Rescue strives to end pet overpopulation and safely place all animals in loving homes.

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