Please sponsor me as I jump out a plane to raise money for Give Us Wings!

I joined the Board of Give Us Wings this past fall and can think of no better way to show my support. Please help me meet my fundraising goal.

Here's more information on the organization:

Give Us Wings funds community development projects with an approach of transformation rather than merely direct aid. It provides financial assistance and training for economic self-sufficiency, and funds educational and medical needs of adults and children in several communities in Kenya and Uganda.

There are young girls in Kenya who no longer have to walk six miles a day to haul extraordinarily heavy containers of contaminated water from Lake Victoria to their homes; now there is access to safe drinking water in their village and the girls are in school. There are men and women working as partners to bring health and sustainable businesses back to their community, while ensuring gender equity and environmental sustainability.

There are women in Uganda who are the proud owners of a small home, garden and community farm; they are safe for the first time in their lives now that they have resettled out of the slums, and their children have hope.

There are people who have access to health care in their village; their pain is lessened, preventable diseases are addressed and people no longer will die on an impossibly long walk to an inadequate health care facility. The list goes on.

The Give Us Wings approach is working.

What makes us different.

Volunteers: Give Us Wings is made up almost entirely of volunteers, including the Board and the Steering Committee. We are committed to ensuring that the majority of the funds we raise go to meet people’s needs in Kenya and Uganda.

Self-sufficiency: Give Us Wings’ approach is one that empowers people to be self-sufficient rather than becoming dependent on assistance. All projects have self-sufficiency as the ultimate goal.

Person-to-Person: When Give Us Wings travels to Kenya and Uganda, we meet the people not the statistics. We work person-to-person, and our funding follows that model.

Trust at the grassroots level: We ask the hardworking people in Kenya and Uganda what will work for them. They know what they need. This approach empowers them to take responsibility and ownership over the decisions they’ve made. It also helps provide tools for life without destroying culture and tradition.

Long term support: Give Us Wings stays with groups and individuals as they develop the skills needed for long-term success. We provide business and leadership training. We fund well thought-out businesses and agricultural projects proposed by the people themselves.

For example, one community chooses to work to build a medical clinic, while another chooses to develop individual family businesses. With this level of ownership, projects succeed and hope is restored.

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