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The Program The Saint Paul Foundation’s Management Improvement Fund provides both financial and advisory resources to small nonprofit organizations to assist them during critical organizational shifts and changes. With financial and advisory support, Management Improvement Fund positions organizations to deliver valuable services that change the lives of those in our community. Since the program’s inception in 1985, Management Improvement Fund has provided over $3 million to nearly 350 small nonprofits with budgets of less than $2 million that serve individuals in Ramsey, Dakota and Washington counties.

The Impact: Lionel’s mother, Shisha, noticed that Lionel had started sucking on his lip in a new, peculiar way. At 11 months old, Lionel had just completed getting his first year molars, but his actions were different than when those teeth came through. Looking closer, she saw that one of Lionel’s teeth didn’t look like the others. Because she had limited resources as a working single-mother of three, she didn’t know how to pay for a dentist visit. Fortunately, one of her friends told her about Community Dental Care, an organization that provides free and sliding-fee scale dental care. Community Dental Care looked at Lionel’s tooth and explained that he had tooth decay. The normal procedure to restore a tooth on such a young patient may require general anesthesia. Because of Community Dental Care’s trained and experienced dentists, they were able to restore his tooth without using risky and costly procedures like anesthesia. In addition, Community Dental Care guided Shisha on how to care for her young children’s teeth and gums. She was shown how to brush and floss her children’s teeth and what foods to eat to prevent teeth decay. As one of the only nonprofit dental clinics in the Metro Area, Community Dental Care has more than 21,000 active patients. Through several Management Improvement Fund grants, it has expanded its facilities, added bilingual staff, begun strategic planning. Its recent strategic planning grant will help provide a strong vision and position the organization to continue providing valuable services to the community.

Your Partnership helps build the capacity of organizations that serve the needs of individuals and families like Lionel's in our community. In supporting Management Improvement Fund, you are building the capacity of our community.

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