TCMA and the Twin Cities Daily Planet help Twin Citizens develop media skills and use them to work together for the common good.

There has been a lot of bad news lately about the future of journalism. Newspapers are losing money, and journalists are losing jobs. Some people worry that our democracy is at risk. Well, here is some good news. The same digital revolution that has wrecked the business model for newspapers has put powerful communications tools in the hands of millions of ordinary people. The future of news depends on how we the people use those tools – and who gets to participate. Our mission at the Twin Cities Media Alliance is to help everybody get access to these tools, and use them to share information, build community, and work together for the common good. That’s why we offer a wide range of citizen journalism classes and media skills workshops, weekly writers groups and monthly brown bag lunches with journalists. And it’s why we publish the Twin Cities Daily Planet, a professionally edited local news website that combines original reporting by citizen journalists with the best of the neighborhood and community press. But democracy requires more than information, and the Daily Planet can be more than just a news source. It has the potential to be a place where people can debate and deliberate, make connections and organize to work together. To realize that potential, we need your support.

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