The St. Joseph Worker Program is a one year volunteer experience for women who are passionate about social change.

Join us for our 2nd annual, The Bling Thing, on Thursday, April 10, from 6 - 8:20 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in St. Paul. For more info, to purchase your tickets, volunteer or donate items:

Like a lot of kids, Jessica graduated from college feeling she was meant to change the world. Like a lot of kids, she didn’t know where to start. But unlike those who squelch their idealism because they lack direction and encouragement, Jessica read about the St. Joseph Worker program and signed up. After spending a year living with other young women committed to social justice, she built strong leadership and community-building skills – which she now puts to good use at a nonprofit agency, working to change the world every day. Since 2002, the CSJs have helped shape the lives of young women and build a network of caring, engaged people through the St. Joseph Worker program. Mentored by some of the Sisters’ most gifted leaders and teachers, participants in the program live simply in community, focusing on issues of social justice, developing leadership skills and pursuing their own spirituality. As the program’s director says “They’re all going to be better at what they do in their ultimate field because of this experience. It’s a good career move – and one way to find God in the world.” Women ages 21 to 35 are welcome to become St. Joseph workers. The program also offers second year residency options with potential for international placement. It is a truly transformative experience. For more information:

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