The St. Croix Valley Foundation is dedicated to building lasting resources that serve the people, river, communities and environment of the

The St. Croix Valley Foundation is a unique organization available to assist anyone who lives, works or has roots in the Valley and wants to make charitable contributions to support the organizations and programs that care for our region. Founded in 1995 by a group of forward-thinking residents, the Foundation and its six affiliate foundations provide a way for donors to give so that:

  • Current and future generations have adequate food, housing or health services;
  • The arts, our heritage and our creative spirit are celebrated and enjoyed; and
  • Irreplaceable pieces of our scenic landscape are be preserved.

Whatever the reason, donors give so communities throughout the St. Croix Valley will be enhanced and improved.

The Foundation works with groups of dedicated citizens who plan for the well being of their own towns by raising funds and making grants to care for local needs. They include:

Amery Community Foundation

Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation

Hudson Community Foundation

Lower St. Croix Valley Community Foundation

New Richmond Area Community Foundation

River Falls Forever Fund

Somerset Community Foundation

Stillwater Area Foundation

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