SMIF promotes regional economic opportunities and collaborations with a focus on entrepreneurs and early childhood development.

Our Vision: Since 1986, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation has been a catalyst for economic growth in 20 Minnesota counties. We work to build a prosperous region with vibrant communities, innovative and successful businesses and a skilled and valued workforce. To accomplish this, we help businesses, local governments and nonprofit organizations find common ground, pool resources and achieve more.

What We Do: SMIF invests in the region’s future through grants, loans, technical expertise and partnerships that foster community assets via early childhood development and entrepreneurial development.

The Regional Impact: For 27 years, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation has advanced economic development in the 20-county region with total investments of more than $90 million: $40 million in programming; $25 million in grants; $25 million in loans. Countless organizations and collaborators have taken part in initiatives that further a common goal of sustainable prosperity in the region.

For over a quarter century, donors have helped SMIF invest over $90 million in communities, organizations and businesses within the region. For every $1 we raise locally, we invest $11 back into our communities.

Won’t you join these supporters by making a gift TODAY? In turn, we pledge to help inspire successful partnerships that build a truly prosperous southern Minnesota. Thank you for your support of a vibrant southern Minnesota economy. Please visit our website for more information:

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