Soo Visual Arts Center is a nonprofit art space that connects our community with fresh, under-represented and provocative art.

SooVAC is proud of over 12 years of supporting and exhibiting the best of local, emerging and underrepresented artists. The video above is a brief glance at the exhibitions and artists that are a vital part of our history. This is only a taste of the amazing talent that has been our pleasure to work with for over a decade. And it is supporters like you that makes this work possible.

"SooVAC doesn’t limit itself to work that is easy to define or even necessarily sellable…I felt that everyone involved in this show wanted to help the artists get to a new level and expand their audiences. I’m extremely grateful to have gotten to be part of the experience." Leslie
Kelman, artist Untitled 9

“The SooVAC was the first gallery to carry my work and give me a show when others didn't "get it". Their support of local and emerging artists is second to none.” Sean Tubridy, artist

“SooVAC is bright little beacon in the middle of uptown!” Meher Khan, donor and former SooVAC intern

Visual artist Suzy Greenberg founded Soo Visual Arts Center in 2001. With your help we can keep moving forward and continue our strong commitment to Suzy Greenberg’s vision for SooVAC now and far into the future.

We Are the Minnesota Arts Community.

And You ARE SooVAC.

A very special thanks to Rik Sferra for the photos, Molly Bloom for the video , Brad Senne and Walker Fields who provided the the stunning soundtrack “Soak it In."

Thank you to all of the artists and art lovers that provide support to our organization. We couldn't do it without you!

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