A fun and innovative curriculum that empowers youth to influence their physical environment through hands-on design-based activities.

This summer, kids in two Minneapolis neighborhoods could learn to see – and have a say in – their communities in a whole new way!

SiteSeeing: From “Aha” to “I can!”

Most of us go through our daily life without giving too much thought to what we see around us or how it affects what we do, how we feel, or how we interact with others.

That tall, rusty fence … Those windowless buildings … That playing field and playground … Those streets …

SiteSeeing teaches kids to ask: “How do they work together and how can we change them so our environment works for us as a community?”

SiteSeeing is fun and innovative design curriculum that teaches kids to understand their physical surroundings and gives them the basic tools to have a say in how their communities are designed and built.

The Need

The Minneapolis Parks Foundation can offer our SiteSeeing curriculum to non-profits and community groups free of charge. The cost to us is $8,000 per site, and it’s through the generosity of donors like you that we can make SiteSeeing available to young people everywhere, regardless of socio-economic background.

We provide classes with everything they need to complete SiteSeeing successfully:

  • Project coordinator for 8+ weeks
  • Teacher training
  • Classroom teacher for 8+ weeks
  • Teacher and class materials, including historic and current maps
  • Project supplies and curriculum books for each student
  • Cost of bus for a field trip
  • Organization of presentation to city or community decision-makers

The Goal

Our goal is to raise $16,000 so two Minneapolis Parks Recreation Plus programs can offer SiteSeeing to their kids this summer.

Xcel has already donated $5,000 – your generous support will go a long way towards helping us raise the remaining $11,000!

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