Our mission is to house, support and advocate for people experiencing homelessness.

Your generosity helps people like Sherry every day...

Before coming to Simpson Housing Services, Sherry had endured a lifetime of trauma, beginning with sexual assault in her late adolescence. She suffered from major depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, often turning to alcohol in order to cope. She struggled to make ends meet while trying to raise her two sons. To make matters worse, she had suffered two strokes that damaged the right side of her body and left her in a wheelchair. When Sherry found herself in an abusive relationship, she knew there was no choice but to seek shelter.

Sherry discovered the safety and support she needed at Simpson Housing Services. With the help of Simpson staff, she sought treatment for her physical and mental health issues. She has now been sober and stably housed for over a year and is becoming more independent each day. She’s proud to finally have a place of her own where she can welcome her sons and new grandson.

About Simpson Housing Services

Simpson Housing Services is committed to the Housing First philosophy: providing homeless people with housing quickly, then providing services as needed. We offer overnight shelter for single adults, as well as affordable housing and support for homeless families and single adults in Hennepin County (MN).

In our 29 years of experience serving homeless individuals, we have learned that consistent advocacy and support is critical to the success of the individuals and families we serve. We are there every step of the way as they locate housing, sign the lease, move in and begin working on finding other forms of support in the community. Our housing programs and partnerships are currently serving 180 families with 480 children and 220 single adults.

Simpson values

  • We believe that everybody has the right to safe and affordable housing.
  • We celebrate and embrace the uniqueness and dignity of every person.
  • We encourage people to draw upon their strengths and promote the power of self-advocacy.
  • We advocate against the injustices of society that cause homelessness and poverty.
  • We strive to create a collaborative community with the individuals we serve, within Simpson, and with the greater community.

Greg Horan was one of the Minnesotans memorialized at our homeless memorial service. In his short story, A Lonely Walk Toward Morning, Greg wrote about his experience of homelessness: “Today I search for a new home and a bed not made of cold cement. I'm waiting for a new day, a warm smile, and a new dream. But I'm afraid only darkness awaits me.”

In order to provide housing, support, and advocacy to end homelessness, we need your financial support.

What difference does it make?

In the last year:

  • Six months after leaving our Family Housing program, 89% of participants were still in housing.
  • We moved over 90 guests from our men’s shelter into housing.
  • 70% of the school-aged children in our Family Housing program had 90% or higher attendance in school.
  • 67% of Family Transitional Housing graduates showed increased income.
  • Through all of our single adult rental assistance partnerships, 212 men and women were stably housed.

These are just a few examples of the hope you bring to people experiencing homelessness. Please join us in ending homelessness and make a gift to help support our work. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference.

Updated audit and 990 are available upon request. Please contact info@simpsonhousing.org.

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