I'm running the Marie Corps Marathon for YoKid... Stretch Your Limits!

It's a simple story, really.

Girl (that's me) decides to start running more often than not... Girl enjoys running. Girl enters a few races & runs a few half-marathons. Ooooh, Girl turns 35... decides she'd like to run a marathon and also give back while pounding the pavement for 26.2 miles.

Girl decides to support one of her BFF's from college who co-founded this non-profit in the DC area.

Girl signs up to run the Marine Corps Marathon - her first marathon - and hopes people (that's you) will help her raise funds for YoKid... Stretch Your Limits!

YoKid...Stretch Your Limits helps children from all socioeconomic backgrounds foster self-awareness through low and no-cost instruction in yoga & meditation. With greater self-awareness, children can realize their full potential academically, socially and emotionally (currently located in VA, MD and DC area). Check out www.yokid.org.

It is my hope you will support me on this journey and donate to this organization.

Thank you!

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    YoKid brings yoga to ALL kids & teens, with a commitment to provide programs for those living in under-served communities.
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