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The Sexual Violence Center (SVC) is a community-focused, grassroots agency that confronts sexual violence and its impact on society.

You can help us bring hope and inspire a brighter future for people affected by sexual violence.

Victims and survivors of sexual violence come to us with all sorts of experiences. Whether abused by a family member or teacher, assaulted by a date, violated within marriage or even by a stranger, sexually harassed in the workplace, or a victim of trafficking, SVC offers support and a way through.

Your donation allows SVC to provide services to victim/survivors at no cost.

More and more Minnesotans every year turn to us during one of the worst times in their lives. We meet them with a range of services to get them through the crisis and trauma caused by sexual violence, including:

24-hour crisis support telephone line staffed by our trained advocates,

Individual, in-person counseling giving intensive, directed support to victims and survivors,

Support groups for victims and survivors as well as friends and family of victims,

Crisis support in hospitals: we are there for victims of sexual assault throughout their evidentiary examinations,

Legal advocacies and legal clinics through which we advocate that victim/survivors have the resources they need to file restraining orders, navigate the criminal justice system and get connected to legal representation.

Your donation allows SVC to continue to challenge the systems, attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate violence, and to encourage and support those who want to join us to make change. SVC engages the community to address sexual violence by empowering people to become sexual assault advocates and by providing the training, organization and supervision to do this work. We also go into schools, other agencies and general community populations to continue breaking the silence about sexual violence. We coordinate two multi-disciplinary teams that focus on ensuring that systems that respond to sexual violence (i.e. judicial, law enforcement, medical, etc.) prioritize the needs and perspectives of victims.

Your donation allows us to continue to develop cutting-edge programs, trainings and collaborations. By donating, you are taking a stand against sexual violence.

Who are we?

Since 1985, the Sexual Violence Center has been serving youth and adult victim/survivors of sexual violence 12 years of age and older. We work in Hennepin, Carver, Scott and other metro counties and have offices in Minneapolis and Chaska.

It is our mission to eradicate sexual violence and abuse by:

- Challenging the systems and individuals the promote privilege, oppression and domination,

- Educating those that will join us advocates and catalysts for change, and

- Supporting those who have been victimized; empowering them to not only survive but thrive, finding power and movement in our collective voices.

For more information, please visit our website: and check us out on Facebook:

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    The Sexual Violence Center (SVC) is a community-focused, grassroots agency that confronts sexual violence and its impact on society.
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