The Sewald kids are raising money for IOCP to help families in need.


We are Debra (12 years old), Danielle (10 years old), and Savanah (4 years old). We want to help others stay warm this winter. Last year we spent 50 nights outside, in the cold, in a box to raise money to help the homeless. Our last night outside was Christmas Eve. That was the best Christmas present EVER, to be able to wake up and go inside to a warm home, hot cocoa, stockings full of candy, and most importantly MANY donations to be able to deliver to IOCP for others that are in need.

It hurts to know that there are so many people, of all ages that are cold and hungry. We HAVE to do something about it. If we don't, who will?

Will you please help us? We CAN make a difference. We can bring a smile to a strangers face. We can show those in need that they are not alone, and that we care and want to help. We can show them how God works through others to bring us all together and to help each other.

ANY amount, even the smallest amount, helps so much. Please help us, help others!

Thank you!

Bless you!!!!!


Debra, Danielle, & Savanah

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