PAM is a non-profit concerned about the loss of irreplaceable segments of MN heritage structures, neighborhoods and community fabric.

When I decided I wanted to run the Twin Cities Marathon, my reasoning was basically to see if I could do it. I have been an athlete as long as I can remember, and a very competive person. Since graduating college, the opportunities to compete athletically have been few and far between, as my life has matured both personally and professionally.

As the idea to run the marathon was brought up to me by one of my friends and college lacrosse teammates, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to scratch that competitive itch. Instead of on the field, competing against others, I would now be pounding the pavement, competing against my self and my previous times.

Once the decision to run was finalized, I thought to myself that this may also be a great opportunity to find a non-profit organization to partner with in order to utilize my journey to the finish line to raise funds and awareness for a good cause; that is where the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM) came into play.

Growing up near Washington, D.C., I was always surrounding with an excess of history; the old buildings and monuments downtown, annual Fall trips to Gettysburg, visits to Mount Vernon, the lists goes on and on. Needless to say, growing up in that environment, I acquired an affinity for the historic arts.

After I settled in Minnesota, I came to realize that this fine state has some extremely significant historic landmarks and in some cases had; only to be lost to the winds of growth and change.

PAM is basically in the business of saving such places. The kind of buildings that your Grandparents tell you stories about: "When I was your age, we would take the trolley cars down there and get soda pop for a nickel." I feel it is important to remember and cherish our history and the architectural masterpieces that cover the canvas of Minnesota are a big part of that.

Please help support the effort to preserve the history of Minnesota; donate to an excellent cause... Support the Run!

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