Abused and tossed away like trash. They haven't a choice yet humans take out their frustrations on them. SCRAM

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stray/feral/homeless cats/kittens are provided with medical,fostercare and adopted.

All Volunteer, 501c3, non-profit animal rescue organization founded in 2004. This labor of love is run by a dedicated group of people who give much of their time to helping cats that have been left to fend for themselves. Due to the economy and foreclosure epidemic, demands for our services have more than doubled. We provide for all medical needs, spay/neuter of cats we take into our system as well as "projects" where we humanely live trap the cats and provide their surgery's and medical care as needed and evaluate if deemed adoptable into loving homes. Feral cat colony's are maintained by volunteers who provide fresh food, water and shelter daily in "safe areas". Cats that are suffering and will not have a good quality of life are humanely euthanized only when the Dr. deems there is no other choice. We are a no-kill org. and do provide many types of surgery's to cats that require them to go onto adoptions into loving homes. Every cent donated goes directly toward the care of the animals and medical needs.

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