Join us to inspire the brilliant minds of tomorrow. Encourage kids to explore their passion for science, technology, engineering and math.

Every year the Minnesota Academy of Science inspires the brilliant minds of tomorrow by encouraging participation in the in-depth study of science, technology, engineering and math. Students are motivated by fun and competition at High School and Middle School Science Bowls, Junior Science & Humanities Symposium and MN State Science & Engineering Fair.

Introducing our newest competition to motivate students: High School Scientist Communicator Awards where students will have a chance to submit their research papers and win cash prizes.

What our student participants say:

"For high schoolers and perhaps even more so for middle schoolers, Science Bowl encourages studying subjects to a depth and sophistication that they wouldn’t otherwise get through their regular school courses. It furthermore forces students to think and get along cooperatively, an essential skill in any environment. The fact that it combines these with the advantage of practical scientific education is great."

"Thank you for making the State Science and Engineering Fair a possibility. It was a wonderful experience for me to be able to present to so many sicentists that were interested in the research that I performed. The science fair was undoubtedly one of the best learning experiences that I have had as a student so far."

"Overall, participating in the JSHS Competition and the State Science and Engineering Fair was incredible. Because of these experiences, I've made new friends, met interesting doctors and scientists, and even improved my presentation skills. I think that these are great programs, and I hope they continue well into the future."

"Most things have come easily to me through high school, but science research reminded me that meaningful endeavors take great time and effort. Perhaps above all else that I have gained from my science research experience are friendships and collaborations; these have to be at the forefront of my gains."

Please give to the Minnesota Academy of Science and help inspire our next great generation of brilliant minds!

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    The Minnesota Academy of Science is a statewide organization whose mission is to recognize, promote, and influence excellence in science.
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