A project to digitize Pierz Journal newspapers at the Morrison County Historical Society.

The Morrison County Historical Society (MCHS) has the most complete collection of Pierz Journal newspapers in the state. These bound volumes were rescued from a back room of the Little Falls Dailly Transcript, where they were found scattered and forgotten.

The Pierz Journals hold a wealth of information from the city of Pierz and the surrounding eastern Morrison County communities of Buckman, Hillman, Lastrup, & etc.

Because of their condition when they came to MCHS in the early 1980s, the Pierz Journals have rapidly been deteriorating, so much so that they can no longer be used by the public. Each time the volumes are moved, a snowstorm of newspaper flakes falls to the floor.

While most other newspapers in the state have been microfilmed by the Minnesota Historical Society, including a few of the Pierz Journals, the majority of these volumes have never been microfilmed. If a newspaper can't be saved in its original form, it's important to capture the information within. That's what microfilming does. Current digitization practices do the same thing, but with less damage to the original newspapers.

MCHS is working with the Minnesota Digital Library (MDL) to have the first 15 volumes of the Pierz Journals digitized and made available to the public online. MDL will digitize the first volume at no cost to MCHS, but due to the fragility of the volumes, the cost to digitize the other 14 will be $30,000.

Please help MCHS save the Pierz Journals. Your donation will be appreciated now and well into the future.

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