We are a home dedicated to safety and dignity for a diverse community of women who are empowered to begin new and productive lives.

Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women welcomes women in need of resources or support who have often survived significant trauma. Sarah’s empowers each woman to accomplish her goals and revives her spirit in order to be prepared for life beyond Sarah’s.

When I came to Sarah’s for the first time to see the place, I was so afraid. I was even afraid of the Sisters because I am not Catholic. When I pressed the bell at the door, a beautiful woman opened the door for me. She was young and she said, “Welcome to Sarah’s” with a big smile. I was so surprised to see a beautiful home and from that moment I knew Sarah’s was my home; not a shelter like any other shelter I thought. I was so moved with tears when I saw the flags from different nations and my country’s flag was there. When I looked at the wall and saw St. Joseph (who was homeless too) and the sisters of St. Joseph who helped homeless women from all nations, I was amazed with their loving hearts. - Tualla from Asia

For more information: http://sarahsoasis.org

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