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Rock the Cause is a Minnesota Based 501(c)3. Our mission is to engage, educate and empower a new generation of volunteerism.

Below are the top reasons why your support will make an impact for generations to come!

Over the past 6 years Rock the Cause has built a name for itself as one of the nations most innovative and in demand non profits! We ask you to support our work November 14, 2013 by making a tax deductible donation to Rock the Cause 501(c)3.

If you love building the spirit of volunteerism and discovering music we are 2 for one.

Here is how your donations will go to work!

Volunteer Drives

Over the past 5 years Rock the Cause has enrolled housands of new members for for dozens of nonprofit organizations. Many of the nonprofits report a 30% conversion rate on the volunteers we connect them with. People who discover causes through Rock the Cause get involved in their communities. You will find us at festivals, concert events and campuses across the region helping young people of all ages discover a cause to give their time to.

Rock the Cause Campus

Through our partnerships with Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest, Achieve Minneapolis and Upward Bound, HSRA and educators across the region Rock the Cause has mentored over 2000 students on how they can make an impact in their communities.

We conduct in the classroom training on how to create a volunteer drive, concert event, or awareness for causes that are important to students. We help young people to become aware of how volunteerism can lead to college, a great job, and stronger communities.

Social Media and Community Engagement

Almost daily Rock the Cause is contacted by non-profits seeking help with getting their message out into the community. They recognize that Rock the Cause has the attention of a vibrant and engaged community of volunteer minded people.

Our Social Media team works with the nonprofits to get their message out there. We list their events and volunteer needs on our website. We broadcast the needs of the nonprofit seeking help across our ever expanding social network. With the help of our media partners we can reach thousands of people in a matter of moments.

Our Social Media team is comprised of student interns from across the region seeking a fun way to learn about marketing, and communication while making a difference. Giving them the job skills they need to bring value to the community and the work place.

Music Can Change the World

Nothing brings people together like the power of music. Over the past five years Rock the Cause produced over 5 dozen concert events, of varying size, that supported the nonprofits and artists we work with.

We have created a platform for emerging artists to get their music heard while making a difference.

Rock the Cause Records

Our record label has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for numeorus organizations, through numerous music releases.

We are the people who helped Zach Sobiech release his #1 selling single 'Clouds' and inspire people from all over the world with his music. Zach lost his battle to cancer. We are helping his band A Firm Handshake keep his music legacy alive.

Whether it is a concert event, music download, or record release musicians get their music heard by working with Rock the Cause.

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