The Rochester Chamber Foundation works to ensure a globally competitive workforce where all graduates are college and career ready.

Our ability to prepare, attract and retain a globally competitive workforce is vital to our community prosperity.

Key Facts:
• More than two-thirds of new jobs created between now and 2018 and high-growth jobs in demand will require some education beyond high school. (Help Wanted: Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce)

• Eliminating the need for remedial education among new college students would save MN $89 million annually. (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2010)

• More than 36,000 new jobs are expected to be created in STEM fields between 2006 and 2016. Additionally, STEM occupations will require more than 50,000 new workforce entrants to replace people who will retire or otherwise leave their occupation in the next 10 years. (DEED Labor Market – MN)

Your donation supports Rochester Chamber of Commerce Foundation programs and initiatives:

  • Workforce 2020
  • Learn.Do.Earn.
  • STEM
  • STEM Summit
  • Educators in the Workplace Institute
  • FIRST Lego League
  • Workforce 2020
  • Leadership Greater Rochester
  • When Work Works
  • Business Learning Network
  • Diversity in Business
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast

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