Helping all people discover, enjoy, understand, and preserve the incredible natural world that surrounds us.

How many places can you think of that serve over 60,000 people every year and yet remain free and open to the public? Over 17,000 school children come through our doors every year to discover and learn about the natural world in their own backyard. More than 23,000 visitors come to find solace, exercise, and freedom on our 10 miles of trails. Nearly 20,000 people attend a program or event to have fun and grow as a steward of the environment. There is a place and an experience for everyone at River Bend.

If you are a hockey player who also enjoys birds, a parent who wants to help other youth learn about nature, or an artist who is perfecting your observation skills to bring more realism and detail to your craft, River Bend is available for you. No talent or special skills are needed, just an interest in what is on the other side of the door. However, what is on the other side of the door is becoming more of a mystery to today's youth. There is an ever growing need to get kids outside, and it's never been more important to the physical and mental health of youth. The exercise, the mental recharge, the respect for things other than ourselves, the learning to help future generations, and the building of self, self-esteem, and self-confidence are all benefits of disconnecting from a screen and connecting with nature.

Every day, after asking a group of school children if they have ever been to River Bend or even to a nature area for that matter, inevitably, hands go up. What is taken for granted by so many has never been experienced by others. So what can we do? A 5th grader who has never been to River Bend comes with her school. She learns about water quality and how her actions can affect the water. She goes home and shares what she learned with her family. Her family now uses less pesticide and herbicide on their lawn. She has learned and now knows that one person can make a difference and respecting nature isn't just for tree huggers, but for anyone and everyone who wants for a better future.

River Bend is making a difference is the lives of children. There are more lives that need to reached and more differences we can make. These differences don't happen overnight and don't happen by themselves.

River Bend Offerings:

  1. Education programs for families, toddlers, preschoolers, and adults
  2. On-site and outreach programs for school and homeschool groups
  3. Group programs for scouts, birthdays, and churches
  4. Summer and vacation camps
  5. Events: Winterfest, Pancake Brunch and Fun Run, Ramble, and Bats, Bones & Bonfires
  6. Team building programs
  7. Geocaching, orienteering courses, and compass courses
  8. Photo contest
  9. Trails to hike, walk, bike, or ski
  10. Canoe-in camp site Rental space also available.

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