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Life is good and shouldn’t be boring. At River of Joy, we follow Jesus in fresh ways that are relevant today. We worship a creative, life-giving God and do our best to reflect that creativity in what we do. You might find it a bit “out of the box” that we organize ministry and service around the gifts and passions of each other, and that’s okay! Some say it’s like living a mission trip as we seek to have an impact in the world and find ourselves changed along the way. Bikes in Africa. Meals in Shakopee. Children and chickens in Alaska. Poetry in Panama. Just can’t seem to keep God in that box!

We want to be organic and uncontrived in who we are and what we do. Jesus gives us hope and newness of life and challenges us to be fruitful. Perhaps we are nothing more than a human compost pile for Christ’s fruitfulness? And that’s okay with us. We don’t take ourselves that seriously anyway! So, consider yourself invited to soulfully get your hands dirty and partner in making good things grow and bear fruit!

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