RELATE Counseling Center… Caring professionals committed to helping change lives and building community.

RELATE Counseling Center is a nonprofit, community based mental and chemical health care center. RELATE provides outpatient assessments and counseling services to individuals of all ages, couples and families at their main location in Minnetonka and branch office in Chaska. In addition, RELATE provides services in numerous local schools, community resource centers and medical partner facilities in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

RELATE strives to be in the forefront of identifying needs in the community and providing high quality care.

RELATE is one of the few private providers in the western Twin Cities area that offers its services for free or at a reduced fee for individuals and families with inadequate insurance and financial resources. Based upon initial intake information, at least 30% of individuals and families on RELATE's wait list are eligible for free services or reduced fees. This represents a 50% increase from previous years.

Best describing the impact of RELATE's services are the words of our clients. For example, one mother of a teen receiving services at RELATE wrote to us saying:

“RELATE has been an absolute Godsend for my family. The therapist has been wise and easy to talk to. My daughter has improved her grades significantly, can better manage her anxiety, and is finding more health in her friendships. Our experience at RELATE has been tremendously helpful; I’m glad we sought help when we did.”

Your donation will assist RELATE in providing accessible mental and chemical health services to individuals of all ages either on-site at our offices in Minnetonka and Chaska or in one of our numerous community partner schools, organizations and medical facilities.

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