Preventing hunger and homelessness for families in Eden Prairie and Chanhassen.

Mary Beth lives alone. She lost her job over a year ago. Without a steady source of income, she was unable to pay the rent for her subsidized housing. The unpaid rent starting adding up. Her landlord worked with her at first - she had been a loyal tenant for over 15 years - but now Mary Beth was facing eviction.

She came to us feeling overwhelmed. Mary Beth said she was frustrated with applying for job after job and being turned-down - sometimes without so much as a letter of rejection. Being over 50 and in the job market is hard. Mary Beth just wanted to work and pay her bills.

Mary Beth's situation is one we at PROP encounter frequently. Folks who have never needed help before suddenly finding themselves in crisis. Job loss, lack of wages, or lack of hours are the main reasons people seek our help.

The first time an individual or family approaches us for services - even if only for a short-term emergency food supply – they meet with one of our case managers for a comprehensive assessment of their situation. We seek to understand the circumstances that have led to their need for food or rental assistance. We then provide not only immediate alleviation of the crisis, but also connection with other resources within and outside of PROP and a plan for them to move toward stability.

Consider making a donation of $1000 - which could help people like Mary Beth and families in our community from becoming homeless. Share this page with your friends, families, neighbors and co-workers and invite them to get involved in making an impact in your community.

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