Educates Minnesotans about the 515 rights, benefits and obligations that are now available to same-sex couples when they marry in Minnesota.

Project 515 is named for the number of Minnesota laws that bestow rights, benefits, and responsibilities based on marriage.

In May 2011, Project 515 became a founding member leader of Minnesotans United for All Families – the statewide coalition that in November 2012 successfully defeated a Minnesota constitutional amendment that would have limited the freedom to marry for committed same-sex couples.

In 2012, Project 515, along with OutFront Minnesota, led our coalition partners to leverage that historic momentum to aggressively pursue the freedom to marry in 2013. As a result, on August 1st Minnesota became the 12th state in the nation to implement a law allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Marriage provides couples with at least 515 state-level legal benefits, protections, and responsibilities. The new law grants the same legal protections to same-sex couples that married, opposite-sex couples currently have.

All 515 statutes that excluded same-sex couples and their families based on marriage have become laws that protect and respect their families when same-sex couples wed.

While Project 515 is thrilled to be so very close to completing our mission, there is still work to do to ensure that same-sex couples have equal rights and protections under the law.

We are doing everything we can to work ourselves out of a job and complete Project 515’s mission as quickly as possible. We must continue to educate people around the state about the rights, benefits and obligations that are triggered by legal marriage in order to ensure that the Freedom to Marry Law treats all families equally.

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