Donations will raise awareness and prevention of prenatal exposure to alcohol.

The best way to describe the mission of Healthy Brains for Children is through this parable:

The river was the lifeblood of the village. All day the villagers expended their energy making a living from the river. One day, a villager saw a baby floating down the river. She pulled the baby out of the river. Soon, more and more babies appeared floating down the river. Eventually, the villagers were spending more energy saving and raising babies from the river than they were making a living from the river. More and more village people were jumping in to help pull the children out of the river. One particularly bad day, a wise elder was standing on the river bank while others were overwhelmed by the flood of babies. "Help us,” the others screamed. “No,” the wise one said, "I am going to go up stream to find out why the babies are being thrown into the river and stop it from happening."

Here is the "Inconvenient Truth". Prenatal exposure to alcohol is a hidden epidemic in our state. Over 30% of our children have been exposed to alcohol prenatally before the mother knows she is pregnant. Alcohol is a teratogen, an agent that damages and kills developing brain cells. Healthy Brains for Children has a mission of prevention of prenatal exposure to alcohol. We are committed to going "upstream" to prevent this totally preventable brain damage from happening to our children by developing grassroot, community chapters in every Minnesota community. These chapters will keep the focus on prevention in their community and make sure their youth are educated on prevention of prenatal exposure to alcohol.

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