All the proceeds of this fundraiser will help Akanksha to fund education for under privileged children throughout India.

The privileges that we have today are abundant. We are allowed a wonderful education, loving families, supportive friends, and enjoyable extracurriculars. Specifically, we take education for granted. For five weeks, this summer I experienced through the eyes of my students what life was like when you have nothing. Throughout the summer, I worked in an NGO—Akanksha. Akanksha provides schools and education to underprivileged children in the slums of India. When I walked into the school on the first day, I was surprised at how barren everything was. Walking down the bare halls, I saw cracks running up the walls, classrooms with no doors, and children running around without shoes. Behind the sea of deprived children, I could see a bright light of hope behind all of the poverty. I could see beautiful pictures bursting with color filling the bare halls with life, children of all ages having the time of their lives while doing arts and crafts, and I could see why I came here. For the next five weeks, I worked day in and day out teaching these kids the most proper English reading, writing, and speaking any 15 year old can teach. This opportunity was the most amazing experience when I was able to see their enthusiasm for learning without anything but a pencil, notebook, a few books, and a chalkboard that is illegible. Even the days when I came home drenched in sweat ready to collapse, I could not wait for the next inspiring day to come!

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