We engage leaders and volunteers statewide to create a Minnesota where LGBT people are free to be who they are and love who they love.


The past year has been about celebrating all that we’ve accomplished – together. We celebrated last November 6 when we defeated the constitutional amendment that would have permanently limited the freedom to marry. We celebrated on May 14 when Governor Dayton signed the marriage bill into law. And we celebrated on August 1 when marriage for same-sex couples finally became a reality in our state. We were able to celebrate because you inspired Minnesotans to work hard – making history that has changed our state forever.

With your support of $25 or more, we can reach our goal of $34,700.

OutFront Minnesota has never existed for any one issue, any one policy, or any one election. We are here to make our state a place where LGBT people can be who they are, love who they love, and live without fear of violence, harassment, or discrimination.

Together, we have done incredible work and accomplished great things. But our work is not done.

We know there is still more to do. LGBT youth continue to be bullied at school and on social media. We know that LGBT people are still turned away from their faith communities, and that trans people experience poverty and unemployment at staggering rates. There are LGBT people around the state, especially in Greater Minnesota, who still feel it’s unsafe to come out to their families or at work.

The last couple of years have taught us that we can help bring out the best in our state if we work together to keep the momentum going. We are dedicated to ending homophobia and transphobia. With your help we are one step closer.

Thank you for supporting OutFront Minnesota.

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