Operation Glass Slipper is dedicated to providing free prom attire to girls in difficult financial or family circumstances.

As it is well known, the cost of attending high school prom has risen dramatically in recent years. Organizations around the United States work to alleviate these burdensome costs for teenage girls of limited means, but few do so on as large a scale and provide an experience as high quality and memorable as Operation Glass Slipper.

Founded in 2006 by mother-daughter team, Pam and Emily Philipp, Operation Glass Slipper, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing prom gowns and accessories free of charge to high school girls in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area whose financial circumstances make it impossible for them to attend prom due to cost.

In 2007, OGS outfitted 550 girls at Southdale Mall.
In 2008, OGS outfitted 700 girls at the Mall of America.
In 2009, OGS outfitted 1,010 girls at the Mall of America.
In 2010, OGS outfitted 1,100 girls at the Mall of America.
In 2011, OGS outfitted 1,050 girls at the Mall of America.
In 2012, OGS outfitted 1,000 girls at the Mall of America.

In 2013, OGS outfitted 1,025 girls at Southdale Mall!

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