Your donation will help assure that NW Minnesota has strong health care workforce now and in the future!

Rural health care is a calling. While many of our young people have a calling to serve, not all have the access to the information and support necessary to become a rural health care practitioner.
- Our work is dedicated to exposing students in our K-12 schools to the variety of health care careers available to them close to home and helping them to attain the grades and levels of community involvement necessary to take them to the next step.
- Our goal is also to support undergraduate level health professions students to continue on the path toward their rural health career by supporting their service learning endeavors, connecting them with health professions mentors and helping them prepare for their admission into the professional schools.
- Once the students gain acceptance into their advanced degree programs, our goal is to help them envision a vibrant, highly community engaged life for themselves in NW Minnesota. We use our funding to help small communities support the presence of advanced degree students by assisting with housing, transportation, community mentorships and engaging the students in community life.
- We continue to support our rural health professionals by working with local health care agencies to provide resources that support the on-going training of staff and in activities that support the overall health of the community.

Quality health care is vital to the overall continued economic success of our small towns. The AHEC works in partnership with schools, providers, work force development and interested community partners to find ways for each community to assure that we are attracting, hiring and retaining health care professionals to fill that critical role in assuring the vitality of our communities and the continuation of quality small-town life for generations to come.

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    Your donation will help assure that NW Minnesota has strong health care workforce now and in the future!
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