Northern Community Internet sites help people in small towns and rural communities in Northern Minnesota share their content on the internet

The internet is about collaboration and online success depends on developing partners. But it is difficult to create or sustain partnerships based on a shared geographic place. In small towns and rural communities, information and other content by, for or about the local community is often lost in the sea of information on the World Wide Web.

Community Internet sites strengthen local communities by providing a tool for people to collaborate and create a place on the internet for the place they live. The sites bring together all the internet content by, for or about each local community in one place where local people can find and share it.

Currently there are 18 local sites, each with their own domain:

Each site includes a community calendar, feeds from local blogs, online photo galleries and news sites, free classified ads, a marketplace for local businesses, and a search of local web sites along with other local content.

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    An independent, community-based public radio station web of 91.7 KAXE, 90.5 KBXE and 89.9 in Brainerd.
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