New Somalia’s mission is an international organization based in Minnesota whose mission is to improve the lives of Somalis. Our organizatio

New Somalia was formed by community members as a response to the major epidemic currently going on in Somalia. Many people are dying as the result of famine, lack of clean water, widespread health issues, including malaria, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, maternal and child health. These issues have been widely publicized by CNN and other news programs. Minnesota’s Somali community is deeply disturbed by what is going on in Somalia, and has been mobilized to action. After a preliminary meeting to discuss what is going on in the international Somali community, the local Somali community realized that we need to develop a plan of action, not only for what is happening today, but also for the future. I have been identified by the community to lead this project based on my educational background, my extensive work in the schools and broadcast media, and my travels to Somalia.

The issues being targeted by New Somalia are detailed on our website ( For example, 29% of Somalia’s population is currently drinking unclean water. Diseases and poor health are causing premature death for thousands of Somali people. Infants, children, and the elderly are the most at risk. Parents and community elders are concerned about youth being lured into terrorist activities, such as Al Qaeda and Al-Shabaab. They are endeavoring to get them involved in sports and other positive activities as a deterrent to terrorism. Inadequate education is viewed as a primary causal factor for the war. For example, when people do not go to school, they do not learn anything, so it is easy to be persuaded to pick up a gun and fight. Ignorance makes people extremely gullible to negative ideas and propaganda. Similar to what uneducated individuals face in America, another by-product of an inadequate education is high unemployment rates and poverty.

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