Conserving energy makes life better. The NEC makes energy conservation easy!

Save energy for your wallet. Save energy for the environment. Save energy to keep warm and to stay cool.

No matter why you do it, it feels great to save energy, and that's exactly what the Neighborhood Energy Connection (NEC) helps you do.

The NEC's Home Energy Squad makes your home more comfortable by installing conservation measures in one easy, affordable visit. Our energy auditors produce a custom technical report for you that makes hiring contractors and installing new heating and cooling equipment and insulation a snap. Our home improvement financing department offers excellent ways to pay for efficiency upgrades.

The NEC works on the road too, where our HOURCAR car-sharing program gives you a way to eliminate car payments, conserve gasoline, reduce emissions and get around in a modern, multi-modal, healthy way.

It feels great to support the NEC--an organization that is ensuring a better future tomorrow by improving the way we use energy today. Thank you for your contribution!

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