NACDI is committed to transforming the American Indian community to effectively respond to 21st century opportunities.

The Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) is an American Indian intermediary organization - the first of its kind in the Twin Cities. Created by and for American Indians, NACDI is a community-based organization that works to: •Build collaborations and advance community development strategies and projects, •Build assets and leadership capacity within the American Indian Community; and •Build cross-sector partnerships and alliances to support community and economic development projects. NACDI is an alliance of the major Indian organizations in Minneapolis committed to strengthening the assets, capacity and economic vitality of the American Indian community. We utilize community and economic development strategies to counter deficit and poverty-based products and programs and to reposition the American Indian community for future economic growth and development. Over the past three years, American Indian community leaders have been working to transform the American Indian community for the 21st century. Foremost in our plan to develop a new community vision and infrastructure is to build the assets, opportunities and capacity of American Indian communities within high growth economic sectors. NACDI has chosen to focus on land and housing, entertainment and media, and health and wellness. These three sector areas enjoy stable growth and demand, require the skills of tomorrow, and lead to livable wage jobs and careers. To this end, our work focuses on working with others to expand the American Indian community’s capacity to: -Develop sustainable physical and human assets. -Develop economic assets and economic vitality. -Develop and maintain effective human and social relationships through cooperative efforts.

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