A donation to MTN supports community-oriented, volunteer-created television, youth media, and an alternative to corporate media.

MTN is the people's TV station in Minneapolis.

MTN operates three cable channels in Minneapolis. Our channels feature programming in languages such as Somali and Spanish, live programming, religious, community and entertainment shows, and Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! two times each weekday.

We offer classes and equipment so people can make TV shows, and the channels they can use to get their message out to the community. Almost everything you see on MTN is made by our many community volunteers.

MTN has a Production Services department that creates community video at a low cost.

MTN also has a strong commitment to Media Literacy and educating youth in TV production. One example of this is the Video Voices program, a twenty plus year collaboration with Minneapolis South High that puts media tools into the hands of students as part of a regular class.

MTN is facing a possible cut of 1/3 of the funding that we receive from the city of Minneapolis. A cut of this magnitude would translate to cutting 43% of the services we offer. It is more important than ever that you help MTN make a difference in the community!

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