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What does the Mounted Patrol do?

The Mounted Patrol is a highly visible, very well received unit of the

Minneapolis Police Department used most notably for crowd control. The

Mounted Patrol Unit was created in 1996 with two riders and three police horses.

Today the unit has 11 horses, most of which have been donated by members

of the public, and 24 fully trained sworn officers. The Mounted Patrol is a valuable asset to the community and serves the residents and businesses of Minneapolis in several ways including:

Crowd control – The expertise of the Mounted Patrol in crowd control

is renowned. Mounted officers are used extensively at concerts, parades,

sporting events, demonstrations, and other public events that take place throughout

the year. It has been estimated that one mounted officer on horseback has the effect

of 10 officers on foot in crowd control situations

• Crime Control – Every mounted officer is 10 feet tall. A mounted officer can see and

be seen farther than officers on foot or in a car. Being on horseback enables a

mounted officer to see overlarge crowds, fences and other tall barriers. Mounted

officers are also able to ride their horses into areas where a squad car cannot go.

• Search & Rescue – The officers of the unit and their horses are trained for

search and rescue. A mounted officer can carry ample supplies and remain

searching for long periods of time.

• Community Policing – Horses increase personal contact between the public

and officers. Seldom is public attention so magnetically drawn to police as it is

to an officer on horseback.

“The elevated position of Mounted Officers makes them six times more visible;

and helps spot and deter crime. However; there is something more that a Mounted

Unit offers. The officer and horse provide a sense of protection to the citizens

making use of public areas. The Mounted Police officers’ high position and mobility

enable them to deal quickly with street disturbances and traffic problems. The

Mounted Patrol brings high visibility and are assuring presence at public events –

connecting them to the community they serve.”

Minneapolis Police Mounted Patrol unit assists with:

• Neighborhood/street patrol

• Crowd control after bar closings

• Special events

• Concerts

• Sporting events

• Planned and unplanned

civil disturbances

• Parades

• Various community picnics

• National Night Out

• Special park and

neighborhood events

• Outbreaks of civil unrest

• Horseback has the effect of 10 officers

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