By supporting the Mower County Historical Society, you will be helping to preserve the history of our county.

The Mower County Historical Society was founded in 1947 by a group of 52 men and women. Today it has grown to over 620 members across the United States as well as Japan and Canada! The mission of the Mower County Historical Society is to discover, collect, preserve, and disseminate knowledge of Mower County. In over 65 years of existence, the historical society has grown from just one building to more than twenty buildings and exhibits. Over 27,000 visitors came to our site and programs so far in 2013. Our sites are kept open through memberships, sponsorship campaigns, donations, and continuous fundraising. By donating to the Mower County Historical Society, you will be able to help fund programs that tell the story of Mower County but also engage visitors.

Please consider supporting the preservation of Mower County's history by making a donation to our organization today!

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