With your gift, we can make quality early childhood education a reality for all children.


Your gift gives...

  • Vulnerable children in lower economic circumstances to receive the highest quality education when it matters the most.

  • Parents a chance to increase skills, access resources, and advocate for their child’s well being.

  • Teachers the opportunity to maximize each child’s development.

Your gift in ANY amount will transform the future for many children and give new hope to families and communities dedicated to creating a brighter world for their children.

On behalf of the children, parents and teachers at the Montessori Center of Minnesota, thank you for your support!


For over forty years, the Montessori Center of Minnesota has provided teacher training for professionals in early childhood and elementary education in the Montessori Method. We continue to grow. Five years ago, we opened Cornerstone Montessori School which now serves over 50 children from multicultural and economically diverse backgrounds.

In 2011, we expanded our campus to house Cornerstone Montessori Elementary, a public charter school serving over 90 children in grades K- 6.

But our collective work goes well beyond this. We continue to collaborate with local schools, childcare providers and parents in Latino, Native American, Hmong and other communities to provide the best practices of Montessori. We provide facility and professional development support to our affiliates along with outreach and support to the community through our Parent Education Initiative and Montessori Partners Serving All Children program.

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